gerb SofiaToday, 13 November 2014 a discussion dedicated to 'The Possibilities for Employment and Education of People with Intellectual Difficulties' took place at our Day Care Centre. The most valuable aspect of the discussion was the opportunity the event presented for our clients to voice their opinion on the topic. They shared some of the professions they found most appealing (i.e. cleaning professionals, assistant retail consultants, assistant chefs, etc.) and defined the skills set required in order to be able to practise them in a real-life working environment. They also had an opportunity to share their knowledge and skills aspirations with the audience. One of the shared dreams of our clients and their parents is that a small store was available in Sofia where hand-crafted pieces from our and other day care centres can be sold.

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CVM 1515The second annual Charity Ball organised by Maria's World Foundation, which took place on 30 October 2014 at the Auto Bavaria exhibition centre, raised more than BGN 35 000. This year, the clients of the WORLDS Day Care Centre for people with intellectual difficulties participated in the preparation and running of the event by meeting guests, helping with seating arrangements and the sale of raffle tickets.

They thus demonstrated the skills acquired at the Day Care Centre and had an opportunity to invite guests to visit the recently opened sheltered café at the centre — the fund raising cause to which the first annual charity ball was dedicated.

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10649542 497070223741530 8060537293665673603 nOn 23 October the second annual Open Doors Day took place at the Worlds Day Care Centre with financial support from the Metropolitan Municipality under the Europe Programme. We dedicated the day to our clients' parents and close relatives and friends. The event was an opportunity for them to get to know each other, talk to their children and have fun in a tranquil and sheltered environment.

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IMG 3815On 20 September 2014, a workshop dedicated to the exchange of good practices on work with people with intellectual difficulties, including active participation, advocacy and empowerment of people with intellectual difficulties too place at the Worlds Day Care Centre of Maria's World Foundation. One of the highlights of the workshop was assisted employment for people with intellectual difficulties as a key ingredient of the efforts for their integration.

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IMG 3019Today, 16 July 2014 we celebrated our first anniversary – a day filled with many expectations, excitement and pleasant surprises! We were pleased to welcome more than 200 guests – our friends, partners, volunteers, the families of our clients and journalists.

We are particularly proud to have seen yet another of our dreams come true today – the opening of the Sheltered Café where we will be offering home-cooked food and drinks to be served to guests by our clients with intellectual difficulties who discovered the joys and pleasures of this novel activity for the first time today, receiving the first visitors with big smiles on their faces, serving coffee and home-made lemonade, and inviting them to join the ateliers where we make paper flowers and scented glycerine soap bars.

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photo-coca colaToday, 17 April 2014, on a gray and drizzly morning, we received a heartwarming welcome from Coca-Cola staff as soon as we arrived ready for the Easter Charity Bazaar at the company's central office.

With many smiles, music and the whiff of Panettone bread, the room filled with enthusiasts who were impatient to give their support to people with intellectual difficulties by buying our Easter souvenirs.

We received tonnes of friendship, support and heartfelt wishes for good health, much joy and success.

Thank you, friends!

DSC01089Since the beginning of March our Day Care Centre has been opened to clients on Fridays as well. This is the fourth day during the week on which we visit and develop our skills. And, if on the other four days we focus on work and daily activities, on Friday we pay special attention to entertainment, culture and education. Our day starts with a cup of coffee or tea. We then indulge in laughter yoga under the expert guidance of Gabi, our volunteer. Fun continues with music lessons during which Maya, another volunteer, talks about the different styles in music. Each of us cooks his/her own meal on Fridays. After lunch, we focus on educational programmes with an emphasis on different skills such as oral articulation, handling money, orientation in the community, knowing the clock, understanding our emotions, effective communication with others and a myriad of other practical skills we need for independent daily living.

DSC 7372This is one of the key messages that the participants in the Conference "Is the World Changing for People with Disabilities", which took place on 27 February 2014 in Sofia, agreed on.
The forum was dedicated to the second anniversary of the ratification of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities by Bulgaria. The conference welcomed representatives of non-governmental organisations and people with disabilities or with similar problems and their relatives and friends, politicians, media and donors. The event was organised by Maria's World Foundation in partnership with the Bulgarian Non-Business Law Centre, the Bulgarian Donors Forum, the National Network of Children, the De Pasarel Foundation Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Association of Persons with Intellectual Difficulties and the Global Initiative in Psychiatry – Bulgaria.

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994046 353103501471537 1038878819 nMore than 40 000 BGN were raised during the first charity ball, which will exclusively support the implementation of the new project of our Foundation – the opening of a sheltered café as a part of the WORLDS Day Care Centre for people with intellectual difficulties.

This was the first ball in the life of our clients – Maria, Boryana, Radi, Violeta, Velislava, Victor, Ivo, Toshko, Ani, Rosen, Gergana and Iliana.

The event was a welcome opportunity to share our sincere gratitude with our donors, friends, volunteers and partners to whom we presented the first annual awards of the Foundation. More information about how your donation will be used to improve the life of people with intellectual difficulties and photographs from the event as well as information about our future projects and forthcoming events is available on www.maraisworld.org and on the Facebook page of the Foundation.

095On 26 November 2013 the Worlds Day Care Centre of Maria's World Foundation will welcome the trainers from Cuccio Bulgaria as its guests. They will delight the lady visitors of the Centre with a special manicure on the occasion of their first ball, which will take place on 28 November, Thursday, at the Sofia Novotel Accor Hotel.
The trainers from Cuccio Bulgaria will show the ladies how to look after their nails and hands and will fill their hearts with joy and gladness with the bright colours of a professional manicure.

Our new friends from Scania Bulgaria (http://www.scania.bg ) on October 23rd made the dream of Viktor and Radi to drive a real truck, clients of Day Care Center for people with intellectual disabilities come true! Both of them enjoyed unforgettable day!

We would like to say 'Thank you!' for the sincere support and hospitality to the whole Scania Bulgaria team!

All of us at the WORLDS Day Care Centre are looking forward to 16 October - the day we will spend at bauMax. On this day all stores of the chain will open their doors for the sixth edition of the Open Doors Day for people with disabilities.

We are delighted that the bauMax store in Lyulin has chosen our centre and will give us an opportunity to experience a real working day, communicating with clients and in-house staff.

It is our firm belief that people with intellectual difficulties can be truly accepted and achieve equality only when they are amongst others.

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