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mwf logo 1В рамките на проекта е осигурена подкрепа за архитектурно преустройство на помещенията на учебна кухня „Надежда“ за постигане на достъпност за хора с увреждания.

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mwf logo 1Partners: Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albanian Association for Psychotherapy, CoDe Albania COHERENT DEVELOPMENT ALBANIA, Association for mutual assistance in mental distress TK "Fenix", Association supporting persons with developmental disabilities "Our house", Bulgarian Center For Not-For-Profit Law, Caritas Albania, Caritas Bulgaria, Caritas Italiana, Caritas Kosovo, Caritas Montenegro, Caritas Serbia, Handikos, Kosovar Centre for Self-Help (KCSH), Maria's World Foundation, Paraplegic Association Bar, Psicologi per i Popoli nel Mondo.

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IMG 3047The overall objective of the project is to promote the sustainable development of the catering services which Maria's World Foundation provides through its Sheltered Café 'Worlds'. In particular, the project will open additional opportunities for supported employment to young people with intellectual difficulties.

Maria's World Foundation's Business plan for the development of a Sheltered Café and catering services is among the best five business plans approved in the framework of 'Entrepreneurship for non-profit organisations 2017', a programme organised by the Bulgarian Centre for Not-For-Profit Law and supported by America for Bulgaria Foundation and by UniCredit Foundation.

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logo programa 2 cveten bgProject objective:

The project aims to facilitate the access to cinema for people with intellectual difficulties or mental health problems. Adapted movies will be shown as part of the two leading cinema festivals, ‘Sofia Film Fest’ and ‘Cinemania’. There will also be a target film, part of the thematic cycle ‘Living as if in a movie’, which raises the subject of the different people’s life to the general public.

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EU SEFright logo BG right

BG05M9OP001-2.010-0560-C01 Procedure BG05M9OP001-2.010 Development of social entrepreneurship
Operational Programme ‘Human Resources Development’

Priority axis 2: Reducing poverty and promoting social inclusion

Total project value: BGN 191, 415.84, of which
EU funding BGN 162,703.46 and national co-financing BGN 28,712.38

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IMG 1623Project objective:

The project aims to implement one of the world’s best practices for training people with intellectual difficulties and to employ these practices in supporting people in need located in the territory of Sofia Municipality. The project course includes adapting and implementing of training materials provided by the US-based YAI Network for teaching of skills for independent living in people with intellectual difficulties. A programme for training in these skills will be drafted up, validated and made available for use by social workers and resource support professionals.

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