Work programmes and training sessions focus on performing training and developmental tasks aiming to form, practice and improve work and social skills. They have a varied profile and are continually further developed and enriched with new ideas and activities that suit the interests and inclinations of clients.

The diverse work programmes and training sessions is important because it enables us to respond to the specific needs of the different clients with intellectual difficulties. They include tasks and activities with a different level of complexity with the following characteristics: • they are suited to the different skill sets and comprehension abilities of clients;
• they are suited to the diverse interests of clients;
• they require different levels of responsibility from the individual performing them; a
• they require different levels of interaction with others (within the group or community);
• they are alternated depending on the level of concentration required (for example activities that require greater concentration typically take place in the morning, with the afternoons reserved for calmer or entertaining activities).

Work programmes and training sessions are organised and take place in a real environment (furnishings, responsibilities, and expectations of the outcome) and correspond to usual living conditions, thereby facilitating the social integration of people with intellectual difficulties. Part of the task of atelier experts is to recognise and identify new activities which, when presented as a simple sequence of actions, become accessible to the clients of the centre. At the Day Care Centre clients choose the area in which they would like to acquire work skills and make their dreams come true. The ultimate goal is to help them acquire suitable social and work skills that will support their life. Each client participates in the programmes on the basis of a pre-approved schedule of activities. The activities are described in simple steps and clients are familiarised with them in a suitable and accessible manner.



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