Healthcare is provided on the national healthcare service by GPs and dental specialists, within the system of outpatient care, in emergency units and, where necessary, through hospital treatment. The Day Care Centre does not provide healthcare or medical services as a social service outside those typical for daily care within the home or in a social environment. The activities and conduct are described exhaustively in the internal rules and regulations and all members of staff are familiar with them.

The Day Care Centre provides the following activities: • First aid: The staff at the Day Care Centre is prepared to respond in the event of incidents or other emergencies, such as an epileptic fit. It is equipped with essential medicines and medical supplies, which can be dispensed solely after consultation with a physician in accordance with the internal rules for access to and dispensation of medicines.
• Early recognition of symptoms of a disease: staff members are trained to recognise the symptoms of viral and other diseases and a response procedure for such eventualities has been set in place;
• Dispensation of medicines: providing assistance when a client is taking medicines in accordance with a scheme prescribed by their physician or GP during his/her stay at the Day Care Centre. Drug administration is properly documented in the client's healthcare plan;
• Health plan and healthcare: each client has an individual health plan, which contains a record of the treatment applied and consultations with physicians attended, as well as the names of the medical professionals in question. During the discussion of the progress achieved in the implementation of the individual plan and during family consultations, the healthcare plan for which the parents and other individuals close to the client are responsible is also discussed;
• Health talks and health information: health talks on general topics, such as healthy diets, protection from viral infections, sexual education, etc., depending on the wishes and interest of clients, are organised at the Day Care Centre;
• Health monitoring: the staff of the Day Care Centre monitors the conduct and involvement of its clients. Where any unusual symptoms are detected, the family and parents are immediately notified and, if necessary, a consultation or visit to the GP or physician of the client is arranged;
• Additional medical manipulations: when a medical manipulation that requires special training is necessary, staff will undergo appropriate treatment in order to be able to meet the need of its clients in full.



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