Art therapy is a specialist programme that involves the use of role play and sociometric techniques, music and psychodrama group techniques, art therapy through laughter and classical yoga, drawing therapy, and modelling using clay and other natural materials.

Art therapy helps achieve the following psychological goals: • building a sense of identity and a realistic self-image;
• understanding of own emotions and developing emotional awareness;
• work on behavioural models;
• developing social skills;
• developing a sense of general awareness and self-awareness, an understanding of not being alone but also not being the only person in the world (centre of the universe, acceptance of self and others and equal members of the community to which we belong;
• working on traumatic experience resulting from physical and mental violence;
• building skills of handling conflicts within the family. The feedback received from the participants and parents after the art therapy sessions with the clients of the Day Care Centre warrants the conclusion that in their life outside the centre the clients show small but qualitative changes in the following areas—greater social activity, greater motivation and skills to engage in family life and improved interaction with friends; a calmer a more positive attitude. Art therapy is structured into sessions throughout the day. It takes place once a month with the participation of all clients included in the schedule for the respective day.



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