The life skills programme comprises activities designed to facilitate the acquisition of skills that are essential to the greater independence of users and boost their confidence in their abilities. The programme can accommodate between 15 and 20 participants. The programme activities include cleaning (the Centre and surrounding areas) by using a vacuum cleaner and a mop, dusting and washing utility rooms. All clients participating in the programme use ready cleaning detergents, which are stored in closed cupboards. Some of the other activities are doing the laundry, drying, ironing and arranging work clothing, which most programme participants have no prior experience of.

By participating in the programme clients acquire hygiene skills, which enable a more active involvement in family life. Some young people improve their autonomy, which enables them to become independent from their parents. Permanent supervision is ensured in order to guarantee a safety and each new client is instructed in a simple and understandable language. The work therapist responsible for the programme is trained and has specific skills that enable them to work with and meet the specific needs of people with intellectual difficulties.



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