Within the framework of this programme the clients of the Centre are engaged in a diverse range of activities relating to the preparation of food at the Centre, including using kitchen equipment, processing food products and following parts of recipes, as well as a number of ancillary food making activities such as agreeing a menu, shopping for groceries, serving, cleaning and washing up. Participation in the programme develops a range of specific work, life and social skills, such as planning, handling money, food product storage, food making, following recipes, using kitchen appliances, serving, maintaining clean premises and personal cleanliness, etc.

The programme enables participants to acquire essential skills, personal hygiene being top priority. In addition we are strict about ensuring compliance with food production and client safety requirements. The work therapist responsible for the programme is a trained chef who, along with his professional skills, has been trained to work with people with intellectual difficulties. The programme is open to six participants on a daily basis who can have different levels of skill and capability because each activity is broken down into series of simple steps. Skills are acquired and practised gradually, with a possibility to improve them by tackling more complex activities.

Within the framework of the programme lunch is cooked, along with mid-afternoon snacks and drinks (coffee and tea) as a specific work therapy task. Other recipes are cooked under the guidance of the head of the programme, which facilitate the development of additional skills. Attention is paid both on the diversity and he quality and quantity of the food cooked.

All programme participants have healthy lifestyle journals and use special working attire. The clothing, which consists of a T-shirt, apron, vest and trousers, are put on after the visitors arrive at the Centre and washed and ironed in the framework of the life skills programme.




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