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Work programmes and training sessions focus on performing training and developmental tasks aiming to form, practice and improve work and social skills. They have a varied profile and are continually further developed and enriched with new ideas and activities that suit the interests and inclinations of clients.

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Healthcare is provided on the national healthcare service by GPs and dental specialists, within the system of outpatient care, in emergency units and, where necessary, through hospital treatment. The Day Care Centre does not provide healthcare or medical services as a social service outside those typical for daily care within the home or in a social environment. The activities and conduct are described exhaustively in the internal rules and regulations and all members of staff are familiar with them.

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Being a parent is a challenge and pleasure and a responsibility in equal measure, not to mention that it may feel confusing at times. Families looking after children or adults with a disability need a special system of functioning, which ensures that the disability does not disrupt normal functioning. Well-meaning parents often compound the confusion and lack of confidence of their children with intellectual difficulties owing to lack of information and meaningful support.

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The programme includes celebrating national and traditional holidays and personal anniversaries at the Centre, with our clients actively involved in the preparation. The various approaches used aim to expand the worldview, knowledge and experiences of the clients and encourage mutual respect and trust between them. Celebrating holidays helps to achieve yet another specific goal—it enables and strengthens the interaction of clients with the community because some of the activities take place outside of the Centre with the participation of volunteers.

Optional activities are aimed at developing the skills necessary for an independent life and others that are not directly related to specific work tasks, such as unwinding, achieving emotional balance, feeling joy and pleasure.
The availability of these activities takes into account the need to respect the anti-institutional nature of the Day Care Centre social service by keeping the daily routine of clients confined to the centre alone.

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Art therapy is a specialist programme that involves the use of role play and sociometric techniques, music and psychodrama group techniques, art therapy through laughter and classical yoga, drawing therapy, and modelling using clay and other natural materials.

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The work practice programme is geared towards providing conditions in which acquired work skills can be applied and practiced in a real-life environment.

The aim of the programme is to provide the clients of the Day Care Centre with possibilities to practice their skills through their inclusion as volunteers in areas of interest for which they are suitably trained.

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The objects making programme includes work repetitive work tasks designed to achieve the same result that has usually been standardized in advance. At present, the programme entails soap bar and souvenir making and packaging in the framework of art sessions.

This type of activity involves easy, repetitive operations diversified by the use of different materials, colours, moulds, fragrances and packaging.

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Within the framework of this programme the clients of the Centre are engaged in a diverse range of activities relating to the preparation of food at the Centre, including using kitchen equipment, processing food products and following parts of recipes, as well as a number of ancillary food making activities such as agreeing a menu, shopping for groceries, serving, cleaning and washing up. Participation in the programme develops a range of specific work, life and social skills, such as planning, handling money, food product storage, food making, following recipes, using kitchen appliances, serving, maintaining clean premises and personal cleanliness, etc.

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The life skills programme comprises activities designed to facilitate the acquisition of skills that are essential to the greater independence of users and boost their confidence in their abilities. The programme can accommodate between 15 and 20 participants. The programme activities include cleaning (the Centre and surrounding areas) by using a vacuum cleaner and a mop, dusting and washing utility rooms. All clients participating in the programme use ready cleaning detergents, which are stored in closed cupboards. Some of the other activities are doing the laundry, drying, ironing and arranging work clothing, which most programme participants have no prior experience of.

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