The values and principles underlying supported employment are fully in line with the idea of being able to make independent decisions, social inclusion, protection of personal dignity and respect for other people.
In the context of supported employment these ideas can be further developed into guiding values and principles underlying all stages and activities performed. These are:

Individual approach
Supported employment regards each person as a unique individual with his/her own interests, preferences, and health condition and life story.

The activities performed in the context of supported employment consistently take into account the age of disabled workers, protect their dignity and treat job seekers with respect.

Supported employment helps job seekers expand their interests and preferences, make independent choices, define their work plans and live their life according to their personal circumstances and living conditions. It reinforces the principle of self-help through the use of services that facilitate the life of people with disabilities.

Informed choice
Supported employment helps people with disabilities better understand their abilities, enabling them to make an informed choice based on their preferences fully aware of the consequences of that choice.

Independent decisions
Supported employment helps people make decisions based on their way of life and involvement in social life. People with disabilities have a say in the planning, evaluation and development of the services offered.

The companies offering supported employment services review the information provided by disabled applicants as confidential. The users of the service have access to any personal information obtained by the employer and must be notified of any disclosure of that information undertaken with maximum discretion and the explicit consent of the job seeker.

The team and structure of the organisation are adaptable and capable of change, depending on the needs of service users. The services themselves are flexible and designed to meet the needs of clients, and can be tailored and adapted to individual requirements. The services relating to the accessibility of the workplace, the array of possibilities and all relevant information is fully available to people with disabilities.

The services, possibilities and information available from supported employment organisations are fully accessible to people with disabilities.

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