gerb new 1Objective of the project:

'Movies touch our hearts, and awaken our vision and change the way we see things. They open doors and minds', says Martin Scorsese ('Films Can Help Change the World', the Huffington Post, 2013).

Films and the issues they raise have an impact on society's bearings, drive mindsets and interpretations, and facilitate emotional compassion.

The objective of this project is to use cinema as an involving and entertaining vehicle in order to raise the issue of understanding and embracing people with intellectual difficulties.
By sharing several thematic cycles, the project aims to make the art of cinema more accessible by people with intellectual difficulties and help address the stigma which stands as a barrier to their social inclusion. Activities:

1. Thematic cycle 'Living as if in a movie'
This activity will feature three popular Bulgarian films and foreign documentaries dedicated to the life of people with intellectual difficulties.
Each show will be followed by a discussion among people with intellectual difficulties, spectators and celebrities such as film director Stoyan Radev, TV host and actress Maria Silvester and actress Theodora Duhovnikova.

2. 'Easy to understand' cinema shows
To ensure the full participation of people with intellectual difficulties in these discussions, ahead of the 'Living as if in a movie' cycle the project will organise three 'Easy to understand' cinema shows built around a model which takes due account of their understanding level. Each film show will be followed by a discussion to support understanding.

3. Promotion and free access to the film shows
All 'Living as if in a movie' film shows and discussions will be widely promoted. The focus of the campaign is to make these events recognisable and attractive, highlight their importance and incite broad interest.
Access to the film shows will be free.

Financing organisation: Culture Programme of Sofia Municipality

Duration of the project: from 1 March 2017 until 30 November 2017



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8, Riccardo Vaccarini str.
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