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Project goal:

The project aims to make 21st century digital communication tools accessible to people with intellectual difficulties and enhance interest in digital skills, safe use and an accepting attitude on the part of users and their families. Through the development of digital skills the project will promote and encourage better communication with other people with and without disabilities and help the target group overcome isolation while supporting the process of building skills for independent living.


1. Implementing appropriate activities for building skills, interest and an accepting attitude among young people with intellectual difficulties to the development and use of digital skills
2. Development and implementation of a vlogger programme featuring young people with intellectual difficulties
3. Vlog promotion

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Financing organisation: Sofia Municipality through its Europe Programme
Project implementation period: 1 April 2020 - 30 October 2020



Sofia 1404
8, Riccardo Vaccarini str.
Т: +359 2 423 97 40,
М: 0886 182 201
E: office@mariasworld.org

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