The Centre is able to arrange individual consultations with specialists for its clients. These take place in line with an individual schedule that does not have any impact on group activities—clients would typically attend the consultation/rehabilitation session and return to the group, which has carried on with its activities in the meantime.

Individual consultations and rehabilitation sessions aim to provide tailored support to clients in response to specific problems or difficulties, which require individual attention. These are available in addition to the mainstream group programmes and are aligned to the goals and tasks detailed in the individual care plan. They are also provided where specific needs are identified by the mentor, another team member, the client or his/her family.

Individual consultations and rehabilitation activities include:

  • Psychological consultations for the client and his/her parents available from an external psychotherapist engaged by the Centre on an as needed basis;
  • Behavioural consultations — these are conducted by the mentors of the Centre's psychologist and typically focus on responses to specific models of conduct on the part of the client and aim to help him/her understand their impact.
  • Speech therapy consultations — these aim to address pronounced speech impediments of clients that have a serious detrimental impact on the quality of his/her communication and comprehension skills. Since adults tend to have fully-formed speech and linguistic skills, this type of support is necessary in cases of pronounced problems that have an adverse effect on a client's quality of life. Speech therapy is available from an external professional, which the Centre hires to work with a specific client;
  • Language rehabilitation — this form of rehabilitation aims to practise and develop the language use and grammar skills of clients, enabling them to correct wrong speech patterns and phrases. The sessions take place in parallel to other activities and facilitate the communication between clients both without and outside the Centre. Language use sessions are conducted by the social worker;
  • Motor function rehabilitation — aimed at overcoming pronounced motor function limitations of users. As most clients of the Centre are typically affected by minor motor function limitations, activities designed to maintain general physical condition are available (yoga, exercises and dancing). When necessary, consultations with a kinetic therapist can be provided by hiring an external professional who conducts rehabilitation sessions;
  • Family consultations — available in support to families experiencing difficulties in recognising challenges and problems within the family. The consultations are provided by the Centre's psychologist and an external specialist;
  • Social consultations — on matters relating to rights and obligations, drawing up documents and obtaining assistance enabling clients to handle different real-life situations and facilitating their social integration into services and activities outside the Centre;
  • Consultations for clients' families and other specialists working with clients — available in support within the client's home or in a working environment.

Individual consultations are organised in line with a schedule, taking into account needs that have been recognised in advance and are in line with the individual plan of a client, upon request or where providing support to a client or his/her family is necessary.



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