Who is the Day Care Centre intended for?
The Day Care Centre is intended for active adults with mild to moderate intellectual difficulties who wish to gain and develop life and work skills.

Does the Day Care Centre cater to individuals with severe and acute intellectual disabilities?
The Day Care Centre does not cater to individuals with severe and cute intellectual disabilities. The team of professionals specialises in methods that are appropriate for people with mild to moderate intellectual difficulties.

Does the Day Care Centre cater to children?
The Day Care Centre does not cater to children. It is intended for adults aged 18 plus years.

Does the Day Cate Centre cater to individuals with autism?
Due to specific work methods required the Day Care Centre currently does not cater to individuals with autism.

What fees do the clients of the Day Care Centre pay?
Since 1 June 2015 the Day Centre is recipient of State funding for the provision of services delegated by the State. In accordance with the Social Assistance Act, the clients of the Centre pay regulated fees for the social services used. The Centre collects the fees on monthly basis and transfers them to the account of Metropolitan Municipality. The Foundation has put in place a procedure which ensures that the fees are accurately calculated, collected and transferred to the SRF each month in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

Is part-time attendance of the Day Care Centre an option for people with intellectual difficulties?
The clients of the Day Care Centre attend it daily from 09:00 h until 16:00. Clients attend the Day Care Centre full-day or half-day depending on their individual needs and circumstances.

Is transport between the clients’ homes and the Day Care Centre available?
The Day Care Centre does not provide transportation services to its clients. One of our goals is to increase the level of independence of people with intellectual difficulties. The ability to commute independently and use public transport are essential aspects that raise the quality of life of our clients.

For whom is the Day Care Centre not a useful option?
The Day Care Centre has neither the requisite facilities nor appropriately trained staff to cater to individuals with severe physical disabilities that require specific medical care and attention. The centre would not be an appropriate option for individuals with:

  • generalised (pervasive) development disorders, including autism spectrum disorders, Rett syndrome (RTT), and hyperactive disorder);
  • Severe mental disorders — schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder;
  • Mental and other behavioural disorders resulting from the abuse of alcohol,  narcotic substances and psychotropic drugs;
  • Psychoorganic syndrome (dementia or severe, personality or dissociative identity disorder resulting from an organic disease). 

The Day Care Centre does not cater to individuals with manifest and uncontrolled violent behaviour (self-aggression and aggression to others). This decision stems from concern for the safety and wellbeing of our clients.

Is the Day Care Centre capable of providing assistance with finding appropriate work placements for individuals with intellectual difficulties?
At the moment the Day Care Centre cannot take responsibility for finding appropriate paid jobs for its clients but within the framework of our programmes we provide a variety of activities aimed at work skills acquisition. Building sound partnerships with employers is also amongst our top priorities.

In the future, Maria’s World Foundation plans to develop work job placement services in order to be able to help its clients with intellectual difficulties in finding appropriate employment.



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