Danail 33Danail lives in Zheleznitsa, a picturesque village in the mountain. So he travels unattended to the Day Centre, even though it's a long trip.

Clients at the Centre like him and fancy his company, because he commands a cute sense of humor and charmingly retells the new things he reads in books or in the Internet. Clients gladly invite Danail to join them for walks and entertainments they organise in their free time.

Dani is fond of animals and lovingly tells everyone stories about his dog. Ever since he was a child, Danail has been helping the family business, a small grocery shop. Owing to his working experience, he is able to handle money, communicate fluently with others and respond adequately to complicated situations.

Dani dreams to have a car and drive around the country. He really wishes that disabled people are respected for the work they do and obtain recognition just like everyone else.



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