art-atelieThe Day Care Centre has a small, neat art atelier that daily comes alive with the enthusiasm and creative work of our clients. The art atelier is intended for those who love making beautiful objects and giving reign to their creative imagination under the expert guidance of professionals in the decorative and applied arts.

The group is learning to use different applied art techniques — work with wool (wet and dry felting techniques), clay or salty dough modelling, decoupage, painting, using paper and recycled materials, making jewellery, etc.

 Some of the articles made include unique pieces of jewellery woollen necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings and earrings as well as beaded and ceramic pieces of jewelry.

In addition, our clients make paper flowers, martenitsas, fridge magnets, mini gift sets and festive decoration for Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day and Easter.

Our activities at the art atelier help clients acquire team working skills, learn to follow instructions and perform work tasks, adjusting to a rhythm of work and rest and handling assignments competently and independently. Work at the atelier further improves fine motor functions and aesthetic perceptions and builds skills, which enable our clients to combine colours beautifully into a whole, give free reign to their creativity and find workable solutions. These tasks teach our clients to not only appreciate the beauty that surrounds them, but to also create it themselves.




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