kuhnyaOne of the programmes at the Day Care Centre is focused on acquiring cooking skills. Its main objective is to increase the autonomy of people with intellectual difficulties in their daily life. 

To this end, the Day Care Centre is equipped with a professional kitchen where, under the expert supervision of a qualified chef, our clients work on different skills—maintaining personal and workplace hygiene, cooking simple dishes, product storage, serving meals, etc. With support from the group supervisor, they cook tasty daily lunches for all clients.

Clients arrive at the centre between 09:00 and 09:30 am. Whilst we are gathering, we drink morning coffee or tea and share stories about the previous evening. After allocating the tasks of the day, the kitchen becomes busy as time to cook lunch approaches. The menu has been discussed with all clients in advance. A vegetarian menu is cooked separately for the vegetarians amongst our clients. We all love salads and crème soups. We typically cook traditional Bulgarian dishes but sometimes borrow from international cuisine — for example, we all love Italian food. In the afternoon, we usually have a snack of fresh fruit or a dairy treat. We care about healthy eating and understand that it is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

We all look forward to the Open Door Days when we bake croissants and other delicious treats. The wonderful fragrance of freshly baked delicacies and aromatic coffee is everywhere. We are all in a festive mood and greet our guests with big smiles on the face.

In addition to being a pleasant work environment, the kitchen has many uses. Here, our clients learn to distinguish between different products, cook various dishes, clean, use cutting and peeling implements, etc. This helps them become more independent because food cooking and other household skills are an essential part of our lives.




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