kuhnyaOne of the programmes at the Day Care Centre is focused on acquiring cooking skills. Its main objective is to increase the autonomy of people with intellectual difficulties in their daily life. 

To this end, the Day Care Centre is equipped with a professional kitchen where, under the expert supervision of a qualified chef, our clients work on different skills—maintaining personal and workplace hygiene, cooking simple dishes, product storage, serving meals, etc. With support from the group supervisor, they cook tasty daily lunches for all clients.

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art-atelieThe Day Care Centre has a small, neat art atelier that daily comes alive with the enthusiasm and creative work of our clients. The art atelier is intended for those who love making beautiful objects and giving reign to their creative imagination under the expert guidance of professionals in the decorative and applied arts.

The group is learning to use different applied art techniques — work with wool (wet and dry felting techniques), clay or salty dough modelling, decoupage, painting, using paper and recycled materials, making jewellery, etc.

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sapuniThe Day Care Centre has a spacious soap making workshop. Under the guidance of group supervisors, our clients acquire the skills necessary to ensure their subsequent successful integration into a real working environment (i.e. team work, learning and performing series of different tasks, learning to alternate work and rest periods, cleaning and arranging the workspace, etc.).

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