OgnianOgnyan has graduated a secondary school, where he acquired qualification for working as a professional assistant in restaurants and other hospitality establishments. He deftly explains how delicious meals and desserts are cooked, and loves doing this at home for his parents and younger sister.

Ognyan can move around the city without assistance. Likes to work on a sewing machine as well as assemble and install small pieces of furniture. Ognyan is very skillful and swiftly absorbs new skills. His responsible and proactive approach makes him a good example for the other Centre clients to follow.

Ognyan is yet another client of Worlds Day Care Centre to successfully integrate in the real employment environment. He cleans the offices and classrooms of Znanie (Knowledge) Society and also works as a janitor in the NGO House. Ognyan manages to combine the two jobs and carry out his working duties very well, which makes him extremely fulfilled and proud. 'The fact that I can support my family's budget and buy things I like makes me happy' says he.

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